Handmade Furniture

Find Out Why People Love Our Hand Made Furniture

If you've been searching high and low for a specific piece of antique furniture - and had no luck in finding it, then why not have one made?

Having an individual item commissioned exclusively for you is something that we are doing more and more of these days.

You simply tell us what you want, together with the measurements, style, period, colour etc that you would like, and we take care of the rest for you.

Match An Existing Item Of Furniture

We can also replicate or match existing pieces of furniture that you have. You may need to replace a chair that is beyond repair, or want to have a piece made to match or compliment your existing decor or range of furniture.

Whatever the situation, having hand made furniture commissioned to your specifications might be a better option than searching here, there and everywhere for that elusive piece.

Your piece would be created by us in our very own workshop, and would be made to your exact specifications using only traditional methods and materials.

Below are some more examples of pieces that we have created for our clients:

This particular piece of hand made furniture is a commissioning of a Georgian three seat settee.

It features a camel back, swept arms and is standing on square legs and a stretcher base.

We also fully upholstered the piece using fabric that was supplied by the client.

The piece that you can see is a classic French country dining table.

We made this table out of cherry at our workshop, and just like everything we do it was crafted completely by hand using traditional methods and materials.

The period for an original would be 1780 to 1830, but as you can see we have captured the look, feel and essence of a quality wooden table from that period.

Simply give us a call on 01454 238004 with any ideas or thoughts, and we'll help you bring your idea or dream piece to reality. You can also see what others have thought about our hand made furniture by clicking here.